How to Make Charming And Personalized DIY Pennant Flag Banner

Here is a quick and easy DIY for an afternoon you are feeling crafty! For our playroom, I really wanted to have an underlying “treehouse/ clubhouse” feel to the space. For my vision I had the idea of a series of personalized pennant flag banner strung across the room. Ones with each boys name, the dogs name, and a few that would have patches specific to each kids interests. I even love the idea that over the next few years they can collect patches on vacations or have them given as gifts for small holidays. We can iron them on to new pennants and let them grow with room and their unique personalities.

colorful pennant flag banner on a plaid wall


Here is the thing, these flags are pricey! There are a lot of beautiful Etsy makers who sell gorgeous flags, so if you want this look but don’t want to DIY it, check them out. Here are few I looked at and love Letters & Laurels and Eventide. Since I was feeling crafty and want to make mine super custom, I decided to DIY my flags.

Here are the supplies I used:

  • Felt
    • Large Sheets of Felt. I liked these 12 x 18 ones and the endless color options they had to choose from. I used Blue Spruce, Rainstorm, Saltwater, White Truffle, and Parchment. The large size was key, to make sure the pennants were the right size when made.
  • Patches
    • I loved these colorful patches so much. I could customize each letter to a specific color and the color options were really great. They were a little pricey per letter, so for the dog’s pennant I bought this multi letter pack. The colors weren’t as good and I had no control over the color of each letter, but this helped bring the overall cost of the project down by incorporating these in. I do like that it helps add to the more eclectic feel of these to have some of them be a little different. I also purchase a few patches in a few things that I knew my boys would love.
  • Fabric
    • I had some  scrap of this Ticking Stripe Fabric that I used to fold over the top and create a sleeve to hold the yarn I used to hang these with,
  • Sewing machine or iron hem tape or needle and thread – use what you are comfortable with!
  • Yarn or string to hang them with
  • Iron to attach the patches with

Here is how I made them:

  1. I folded the felt in half length wise and cut diagonal across it to create the pennant shape.pennant flag banner
  2. I cut a strip of fabric around 3″ tall and the width of the pennant. Next I folded each end under and then sandwiched it over the top of the pennant with the yarn running inside it.  Then I pinned it together and then ran it through the sewing machine to hold. This could easily be done by hand or even a couple of passes with Iron on seam tape.pennant flag banner pennant flag banner pennant flag banner
  3. I ironed on all of the patches.pennant flag banner

I did get fancy and make one by cutting two different pennants in quarters and then mixing up each color among the two to make a checkerboard pattern. To secure them I sewed the four pieces together using the sewing machine.

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how to make a pennant flag banner


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