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Living Room Refresh Bookcase Style

Anyone else dreaming of a living room refresh after spending so much time in your home? It is easy to want to make big changes when we are living a little differently in our homes. Now, more than ever is a time to aware of what we bring into our spaces. Gone are the days of ordering and making easy returns!  If I am adding to a space, it needs to be well thought out before I purchase. 

 A few weeks before we we were thrown into social distancing, I added new bookcases in our family room. The space really needed something to help anchor a huge empty wall. I  quickly styled them with things I already owned, and was excited to thrift and shop slowly to fill them. Well, now I have stared at them for weeks and am ready to start planning a refresh for them. I just rearranged the things I have on them to help me picture what I want. My goal is:

  • Add in some larger scale items to help fill the space but not make it look like a display case.
  • Use large baskets on the bottom to store toys for the boys.
  • Bring in a few pieces of artwork. 
  • Find some more “earthy/ collected” pieces.
  • Sprinkle in some green. I love the size of my fiddle leaf fig here, but he lives in our front window.

bookcase styling

I love styling  with things I already owned with the full intention of getting some new pieces to replace them and return the “stand-in” options to their original homes. It helps me to be far more intentional about by decorating. I found a few items that I think will help me finish this project off by window shopping from Birch Lane. In case you also need a little distraction, I wanted to share what I found. I love Birch Lane, and right now they are running a sale that gives back. They have donated over $1M to the Feeding America COVID-19 response fund. So if you are in a place where you can spend a little money, and need a little refresh, check out it out.  



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