Saying Goodbye to Our First Home

Our first home.

Well here we are, saying goodbye to our first home. Our first big decision as a nearly married couple. Where we spent the first 5 years of our life together. This home  we naively thought we would stay in forever. We chose this move, we decided the time was right, and we bought a new house. We listed our first house love, and sold her 11 hours later. This was all our doing. So why is it so hard to say this goodbye?

It holds our memories

No matter how excited I am for a new neighborhood, a bigger yard for my son to one day have a playset, or a new home to design and renovate – my heart is mourning the farewell to our first home. The little yellow house that looked like Hansel and Gretel had chosen the paint colors. Every guest who came to see it after we first got the keys tried to hide their fear for us. But we knew the potential she had and did she ever deliver in the end.

The  first years of or marriage were spent working on endless projects. We strengthened our ability as a couple to work through challenges, upsets, and disagreements in the process. This is where we celebrated each new accomplishment, birthday, and showers for all occasions. Within these walls and in the backyard under the power lines and surrounded by the hum of music from neighboring back yards set the backdrop to these memories. I will never forget the feeling of pulling into the driveway with our new baby,  and giving him the tour of his new home. Beaming with pride that this nest we had made, would be his to grow in. This is the house where is spent the first 14 months of my stay-at-home-mom life.

It feels perfect


I have put my touch on every single inch of this house. I know where we store extra paper towels, or where I store my son’s toys. Each cabinets, closet, and shelf serves a purpose that I have trialed and perfected. I know what areas I can let my son explore with out worry of him him getting hurt. Which blinds to close at different times of the day so my dog doesn’t bark at the mailman. I know there are 14 steps to the upstairs and 15 to the basement – which is important when you are prone to falling down them. We know how to live the best version of our day to day in these walls.

It was comfortable


This is exactly how your home should feel. This is my mission for this blog and my services- providing each of you with the opportunity to make your house into more than four walls.  A place that when others walk in the door they know  that this is  YOUR house because it feels like a hug from you. That “hug” is what you should feel each time you walk in the door. Let me tell you, this house gives the biggest bear hugs. Getting to this point took a long time – it took a lot of figuring out both my style and what felt comfortable to our family and what felt right to this house. Every house is different, so I know that getting to that point in our next house is going to take a lot of time. That temporary instability is what makes leaving seem even more daunting.

Saying goodbye to a home you loved is never easy

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