This Week I Loved

vintage kitchen runner with dog

Ina is a foodie mentor of mine. I love how she makes everyday seem so joyful. Also, Ina + Jeffrey are the ultimate Valentines.  She is definitely on my list of people I would love to meet. So this made my week.

I LOVE podcasts. I am pretty sure they are the only reason naptime chores get done around my house. I use it as my treat for doing the things I dislike by putting in my headphones as a distraction.  This week I discovered this new one in the momcast genre and am binging through the episodes. Simple, do-able tips and perspective.

I love Valentine’s day. In the middle of a long, cold Midwest winter it feels like such a fun reason to celebrate. The colors are so cheerful when everything else seems so dreary. I got my son this book to give him as a Valentine. At 19 months old, he hugs everything and it is the cutest. I love giving him books for the little holidays and writing him a little note inside the cover to remember why that particular book was special.

My sister was in town this weekend, which is the best ever. We watched the entire season 2 of “Friends from College”. SO funny.

I bought this new rug for our mudroom entrance and love the colors in it. It’s a very reasonable price for a nice thick 8′ runner. I am now scouring for a vintage runner for the kitchen that will coordinate with it.

Happy Friday,



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