This Week I loved

accordion wall lamp nightstands

I added these new sconces to our nightstands and I am obsessed. I love a sconce over a table lamp because I am a klutz, and also blind as a bat without my contacts. Table lamps are just in my way and are one more thing for me to knock over when I am feeling for my glasses in the morning. Plus, they make dusting easier. The price is unreal for the quality and detail.

Last Sunday we celebrated my Husband’s Grammy’s 97th birthday. I have made her this chocolate cake with the buttercream from this cookbook for the past 7 years. It’s my favorite gift I give.

This is a bittersweet reminder of what it means to make a home for your family and fill it with memories, even when it feels unfinished. Really keeping this at the front of my mind as we work through making our new house into our home.

Getting ready to place a second order for this Everything Spray. I love numerous products by Primally Pure, but this stuff is magic. I use it every morning on my face. Its also great after you shave your legs or if you have a pesky dry spot – of which I have many after this dry winter.

Happy Sunday,



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